St Gabriel's Hospital Namitete
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Welcome to the St Gabriel's Hospital in Namitete

Our mission is to provide excellent services to the poor rural community and those in need in a transparent and accountable manner.

The St Gabriel's Hospital was founded in 1959 by Carmelite Sisters from Luxembourg under the Dioceses of Lilongwe. Since its modest beginnings as a small bush hospital, the
St Gabriel's Hospital has come a long way. Today, it is a fully operating, modern hospital responsible for the medical care of some 250,000 people, mostly from the rural areas surrounding Namitete. However, we have also patients arriving from Lilongwe and other parts of Malawi, as well as from Zambia and Mozambique, seeking specialised diagnoses and medical treatments. The hospital now offers 250 beds and treats approximately 12,000 patients (inpatient care), as well as more than 40,000 ambulatory patients per year. The hospital has 24 hospice beds which is a big milestone in the hospital’s history.

Our skilled/dedicated doctors, surgeons, nurses and staff ensure the best possible treatment for all of our patients, whatever their needs.

The Management team is headed by Dr Julamtunda Mbeya, under the guidance of the Board of Governors.

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